Saturday, September 15, 2007

2007 John Koza's research focus

Koza Research:

automating the invention process and generating useful, patentable, and human-competitive inventions by means of genetic programming

Genetic Programming Inc. is a small privately funded corporation operating a beowulf cluster computer system consisting of 1,000 Pentium processors to do research in applying genetic programming to produce human-competitive results. Our current focus is on automating the invention process and generating useful, patentable, and human-competitive inventions by means of genetic programming. Our group publishes and presents numerous research papers each year at various scientific conferences and journals (both in the field of genetic and evolutionary computation and in the particular fields of the work). A good overview of the type of work we do can be seen on the home page of Genetic Programming Inc. at and the home page of John R. Koza at Stanford University is Our genetic programming system is written in Java. The simulators with which we frequently work are typically written in C and other languages.

Genetic Programming Inc. is seeking a SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH PROGRAMMER. The position requires the ability to

● read scientific literature, suggest interesting new problems on which to work,

● contribute ideas on how to solve new problems using genetic programming;

write, debug, and run the necessary programs in the context of our existing software and hardware system;

● analyze the results;

help in the writing up of the results for publication (including making figures and graphics);

make changes in our existing software and hardware system; and

do systems administration to maintain the operation of our existing software and hardware system.

Excellent programming skills and productivity are a must. Although actual programming will consume less than half of the time, the person in this position must be able to rapidly prototype code. The code includes code to analyze results as well as to produce results. This position calls for at least a B.S. degree and at least two years experience in Java and/or C doing academic research programming or corporate research programming. A Master’s degree is preferable and a PhD degree would be even more desirable. It would be desirable for the successful candidate to have expertise in some specific science or engineering domain in order to advance the aim of applying genetic programming to that domain. The possibilities for domain areas are very open-ended and include, but are not limited to, analog circuit design, controller design, finite element analysis, shape optimization, operations research, mechanical design, signal processing, bioinformatics, optical lens systems; antennas; etc. Actual previous experience with, or knowledge of, genetic programming is a big plus.. Experience with, or knowledge of, genetic and evolutionary algorithms in general, machine learning, neural networks, artificial intelligence, artificial life, etc. is a plus, but not required.

The position offers competitive compensation and benefits. Compensation will be appropriate for the level of education and experience.

Please include all relevant information, date available, and several references.

Our offices are located 3 blocks from the Mountain View Cal Train station and Mountain View San Jose Light Rail Station in downtown Mountain View, California. Downtown Mountain View is an attractive and lively area with about 40 restaurants and various other shops and businesses.

Genetic Programming Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

John R. Koza

Genetic Programming Inc. (Third Millennium On-Line Products Inc.)

Post Office Box K

Los Altos, California 94023 USA

FAX: 650-941-9430


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