Saturday, September 15, 2007

genometri: company use genetic algorithms for product design

Genetic Models

Genes encode information – efficiently. Nature provides evidence of an effective design process operating on a genetic platform. It is known that plant- and animal-designs are based on genes. Products too have genes. Structuring designs in a genetic format opens a new world of possibilities in design, manufacturing and business.

Mass Customization

One of the critical problems in mass customization is design – which remains a manual and expert dependent process. Genetic structuring of designs enables the creation of intelligent models which understand the limits of reality. These models may be manipulated by non-designers to create what they want.

Generative Design

The power of computation is rarely harnessed by designers. The computer is a great tool for design exploration – it can explore thousands of design possibilities from which the designer can choose the best. Unfortunately this is the designer’s worst nightmare and this deep fear has prevented the translation of computational energy into creative energy. Genetic Design Technology will bridge this gap.

Color Scheming

Color Scheming is still very much an art form. It is very difficult for non-designers to create sophisticated color schemes. This is no longer true. Genometri has developed technology that will extract the graphical color logic of documents and replace its colors while maintaining the graphic logic – another powerful tool that will allow non-designers to design.

Color Selection

What is the right color for this? – this is an eternal dilemma. Many have tried to answer this and there is no shortage of color theories. But color is personal, cultural and very much dependent on context. A different approach to color selection allowing the person to judge colors around the best guess, turns color selection into a process of search and contemplation. A way of mapping colors to words and context is also developed in a social online environment. What is the color of red?

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