Saturday, September 15, 2007

Several interesting papers from Hod Lispon about modeling

From Publications of Cornell Computational Synthesis Lab by Hod Lipson

Bongard J., Lipson H. (2007), “Automated reverse engineering of nonlinear dynamical systems", Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, vol. 104, no. 24, pp. 9943–9948.

Schmidt M., Lipson H. (2007), "Learning Noise", Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO'07), pp. 1680-1685.

Bongard J., Zykov V., Lipson H. (2006), “Resilient Machines Through Continuous Self-Modeling", Science Vol. 314. No. 5802, pp. 1118 - 1121 (see commentary by Adami "What Do Robots Dream Of?")

Aquino W., Kouchmeshky B., Bongard J., Lipson H., (2006) "Co-evolutionary algorithm for structural damage identification using minimal physical testing", Int. Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering

Bongard J., Lipson H. (2005) “Nonlinear system identification using coevolution of models and tests”, IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 9(4): 361-384.

Schmidt M., Lipson H., (2005) "Co-evolution of Fitness Maximizers and Fitness Predictors",

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