What if you had a crystal ball that foretold the future of technology? Imagine, for example, if you had known in 1990 just how big the Internet was going to be 10 years hence. Sorry, that crystal ball doesn't exist. But in this special issue of Technology Review , we offer you the next best thing: the educated predictions of our editors (made in consultation with some of technology's top experts). We have chosen 10 emerging areas of technology that will soon have a profound impact on the economy and on how we live and work. These advances span information technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology-the core of TR coverage in every issue. All of these areas merit special attention in the decade to come. In each area we've chosen to highlight one innovator who exemplifies the potential and promise of the field. Keep this issue around and see how well our predictions hold up-even without the aid of that crystal ball.

Brain-Machine Interface | Flexible Transitors | Data Mining | Digital Rights Management | Biometrics | Natural Language Processing | Microphotonics | Untangling Code | Robot Design | Microfluidics