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collective intelligence bibliography

Santa Fe Institute

Collective Cognition Workshop Bibliography (fledgling)

copied from here, to avoid risk of missing link in future.

Caveat: Don't see your papers here? Key reviews, classic papers, and new results missing?
Fine. What follows below is the beginning of a cooperative project to develop a bibliography for collective cognition.
Please send those essential missing books, reviews, papers, and web site URLs to Cosma Shalizi promptly and they will be added. Thanks!



  • Bonabeau, Eric, Marco Dorigo, and Guy Theraulaz, Swarm Intelligence: From Natural to Artificial Systems, Oxford University Press, Oxford (1999).
  • Goldman, Alvin I., Knowledge in a Social World, Clarendon Press, Oxford (1999).
  • Hayek, Friedrich A., Hayek - Individualism and Economic Order, Univeristy of Chicago Press, Chicago (1948).
  • Hutchins, Edwin, Cognition in the Wild, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA (1995).
  • Kennedy, James, Russell C. Eberhart and Yuhui Shi, Swarm Intelligence, Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco (2001).
  • Kitcher, Philip, The Advancement of Science: Science Without Legend, Objectivity Without Illusions, Oxford University Press, Oxford (1993).
  • Knorr-Cetina, Karin, Epistemic Cultures : How the Sciences Make Knowledge, Harvard University Press (1999).
  • Schelling, Thomas C., Micromotives and Macrobehavior, W.W. Norton, New York (1978).
  • Sperber, Dan, Explaining Culture: A Naturalistic Approach, Basil Blackwell, Oxford (1996).
  • Stone, Peter. Layered Learning in Multi-Agent Systems: A Winning Approach to Robotic Soccer, MIT Press (2000) ISBN: 0262194384.
  • Toulmin, Stephen, The Collective Use and Evolution of Concepts, Volume 1, Series: Human Understanding, Princeton University Press, Princeton (1972).
  • Young, Peyton H., Individual Strategy and Social Structure: An Evolutionary Theory of Institutions , Princeton University Press, Princeton (1998).


  • Agre, Philip E., "Growing a Democratic Culture: John Commons on the Wiring of Civil Society", in Democracy and New Media, David Thorburn and Hemry Jenkins, eds., MIT Press, Cambridge (forthcoming). html version
  • Agre, Philip E., "Supporting the Intellectual Life of a Democratic Society." html version
  • Chialvo, Dante R., and Mark M. Millonas, "How Swarms Build Cognitive Maps," SFI Working Paper 95-03-033 (1995).
  • David, Paul A., "Communication Norms and the Collective Cognitive Performance of 'Invisible Colleges'," in Creation and Transfer of Knowledge: Institutions and Incentives, eds. G. Barba Navaretti, P. Dasgupta and K.G. Maler, Berlin, Springer Verlag (1998).
  • Hayek, Friedrich A., "Economics and Knowledge," Economica4 (1937) 33-54. (Reprinted in Hayek - Individualism and Economic Order, pp. 33-56.)
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  • Jefferies,P., M. Hart, and N.F. Johnson, "Deterministic Dynamics in the Minority Game,Ó Phys. Rev. E 65, 016105 (2001).
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  • Johnson, N.F., P.M. Hui, R. Jonson and T.S. Lo, "Self-Organized Segregation within an Evolving Population," Phys. Rev. Lett. 82, 3360 (1999).
  • Kube, C. Ronald, and Hong Zhang, "Collective Robotic Intelligence." Abstract, postscript, pdf.
  • Lamper, D., S. Howison and N.F. Johnson, "Predictability of large future changes in a competitive evolving population," Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 017902 (2002).
  • Nagel, Kai, "Traffic Networks," submitted for publication (2002). pdf (376k) postscript (387k)
  • Stone, Peter, Michael L. Littman, Satinder Singh, and Michael Kearns, "ATTac-2000: An Adaptive Autonomous Bidding Agent." Journal of AI Research (JAIR), Volume 15 (2001). postscript (112 K)
  • Stone, Peter, and Richard Sutton, "Scaling Reinforcement Learning toward RoboCup Soccer." in Proceedings of the Eighteenth International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML-2001) postscript (308 K)
  • Tumer, Kagan, and David Wolpert,"Collective Intelligence and Braess' Paradox," in the Proceedings of the Seventeenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Austin, TX, (2000) 104-109. Abstract, postscript.
  • Wolpert, David, Sergey Kirshner, Chris Merz and Kagan Tumer, "Adaptivity in Agent-Based Routing for Data Networks," Fourth International Conference on Automomous Agents, Barcelona, Spain, (2000), to appear. pdf (170 Kb).
  • Wolpert, David, and Kagan Tumer, "Avoiding Braess' Paradox through Collective Intelligence," (in review), Tech Report NASA-ARC-IC-99-124. Abstract . postscript (640 Kb), pdf (300 Kb).
  • Wolpert, David, Kevin Wheeler and Kagan Tumer, "Collective Intelligence for Control of Distributed Dynamical Systems," Europhysics Letters, Vol. 49, No. 6, (2000). pdf (190 Kb).
  • Wolpert, David, Mike H. New, and Ann M. Bell, "Distorting Reward Functions to Improve Reinforcement Learning," (in review), Tech Report NASA-ARC-IC-99-71. Abstract, postscript (570 Kb), pdf (120 Kb).
  • Wolpert, David, Kevin Wheeler and Kagan Tumer, "General Principles of Learning-Based Multi-Agent Systems," Third International Conference on Automomous Agents, Seattle, WA, (1999) 77-83. Abstract, postscript (520 Kb), pdf (228 Kb).
  • Wolpert, David, and Kagan Tumer, "An Introduction to Collective Intelligence," Tech Report NASA-ARC-IC-99-63. (A shorter version of this paper is to appear in: Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, editor, Handbook of Agent Technology, AAAI Press/MIT Press, 1999). Abstract, postscript (1.4 MB), pdf (715 Kb).
  • Wolpert, David, and Kagan Tumer, "Optimal Payoff Functions for Members of Collectives," In Advances in Complex Systems, (2001) in press. Abstract, postscript (450 Kb).
  • Wolpert, David, and Kagan Tumer, "Optimal Reward Functions in Distributed Reinforcement Learning," In Proceedings of the Second Asia-Pacific Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology (2001), in press. postscript (300 Kb).
  • Wolpert, David, Joe Sill, and Kagan Tumer, "Reinforcement Learning in Distributed Domains: Beyond Team Games," In the Proceedings of the Seventeenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Seattle, WA (2001) 819-824. Abstract, postscript (365 K).
  • Wolpert, David, Kagan Tumer, and Jeremy Frank, "Using Collective Intelligence to Route Internet Traffic," Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems-11, Denver, CO, (1998) 952-958. Abstract, postscript (300 Kb), pdf (125 Kb).

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